About Us

Strong Side CrossFit Louisville


Strong Side CrossFit is the only performance focused CrossFit training gym in the Louisville area. We are the first in Louisville to offer all aspects of fitness under one roof. We support all styles of athletics from CrossFit, Olympic lifting, powerlifting, and on field athletics. Our coaching staff is the largest and most experienced of any CrossFit affiliate in the Louisville area.

Members First

Our members include everyone ranging from professional athletes and dancers, desk jockeys and stay-at-home moms, celebrities and grandparents. If you live in Louisville, KY and you want to get in the best shape of your life, Strong Side CrossFit  is the place to be. We know that with our expert coaches and supportive staff we can see the best version of you possible. Our proudest feature here at Strong Side Crossfit Louisville is our cost and advanced technologies. We have setup our box to allow everyone to experience quality training with the support of a great team.

Advanced Technology For All

Stepping away from what a normal CrossFit Box should offer we saw a wide area of data that is never tracked. Sure there is tracking of WOD’s and benchmarks but not all changes happen at the bar. We wanted to offer more here at Strong Side so we added a few of the most advanced technologies we could utilize to get you the results you desire.

Individualized Warm-Up

Each member here is assessed and we use our in house personalized warm up area to help every member get the exact muscles they need firing properly before the WOD.

Real Time Heart Rate Tracking

We are proud to offer the only real time heart rate monitoring system inside a CrossFit box here in Louisville. Strong Side can give real time feedback of of how hard you are working via large screen heart rate monitoring. Bring your own heart rate monitor or use one of our complementary ones in house.


Strong Side offers the only BODPOD body fat testing system in Louisville. The BODPOD is the most accurate way to measure body fat and will provide metabolic rates based off of your lean body mass. This data gives you the ability to know exactly how much to each to improve. The BODPOD at Strong Side is the exact same model used at the NFL combine to measure body fat levels of future pros.

Strong Side has all of the tools to bring you to the next level of fitness at the best price in the city!