CrossFit 101

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Most gyms dump you into regular classes with little or no instruction. With the complexity and the intensity of CrossFit, this essentially sets you up for failure. We believe in a higher level of coaching and want to thoroughly educate our athletes before releasing them into regular classes. On top of that, we’re so confident you’ll love our program, our coaches, and our community, that we’ll give you the first 2 weeks for FREE!

CrossFit 101 here at Strong Side Crossfit Louisville will teach you the basics of the sport in a safe and structured manner.

You will learn the 9 Foundational movements:

-Air squat
-Front squat
-Overhead squat
-Strict shoulder press
-Push press
-Push jerk
Power movements
-Sumo-deadlift high pull
-Medicine ball cleans

Download our Strong Side Crossfit Louisville Crossfit 101 Curriculum Here: CrossFit 101

You will be required to complete all 9 of the foundational movements to Crossfit standards ( i.e full range of motion) in order to move on to level 1 WOD(workout of the day) group classes. Each movement builds upon another so it is crucial that you attend each class to become proficient with the movements. Plain and simple, if you do not attend the classes, you aren’t learning the key movements required to advance.

CrossFit 101 includes:

  • Full Functional Movement Assessment
  • Personalized warmup based on your individual needs.
  • Small group instruction with the area’s best coaches
  • Lots of hands-on attention
  • Full instruction of all primary and secondary movements
  • Nutrition talks each night (Meal planning is offered for an additional fee*)
  • Instruction on how to train safely and how to optimize your training
  • A chance to get to know our coaches and become part of the Strong Side CrossFit Louisville community

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