We’re More than Just CrossFit


At Strong Side we offer comprehensive training programs for all walks of life. Our members range from grandmothers to professional athletes. The beauty and efficacy among all of our programs are held within the same foundations:

1. World class coaching

2. A 360 degree approach to fitness

3. Premium service catered to individual skills and goals

4. A one-of-kind community

Our mission runs much deeper than the traditional approach to fitness.

Simply put, we exist for one reason only – To change lives!

Our Definition of Fitness

“The continual journey of improving the body & mind through a 360 degree approach to proper movement, broad skill acquisition, and increased work capacity, all in order to live a better, longer, and more purposeful life.”

With all of that in mind here is a brief explanation of our programs:



Crossfit 101

CrossFit 101 is your opportunity to get to know us, and our opportunity to get to know you as an athlete. We take a thorough 12-class approach to teach you to move properly, as well as condition your body for regular programs.

During 101 we take you through a joint-by-joint mobility assessment along with a functional movement screen to give insight and corrective action toward any stability or flexibility issues you may have. Lastly, we cover nutrition each night to help educate and create healthy habits – Nutrition is the foundation of everything we do, so we feel that it is essential to make it a foundational piece of our program.

*Your first 2 Weeks of CrossFit 101 are FREE! Click here to reserve a spot.

THE ESSENTIALS (Standard membership includes all of The Essentials!)


This is our flagship program and will continue to be. If you’re looking for a total body functional workout focusing on strength and conditioning then this is the class for you… Actually this is the class for everyone. Movements are infinitely scalable and the programming will work to make you strong, lean, and well balanced.

*Depending on your goals we suggest attending CrossFit class 3-5 times a week.

Open Gym

We offer ample open gym time throughout the day and week (check our schedule for these times). Come in and complete your individualized programming, work on a skill or strength, or makeup a WOD that you missed.


This is our top-level program. Our Elite Upgrade allows you to take the individualization of your training to the next level. You’ll have access to all of the benefits our Essentials Programs, plus you’ll receive an in depth personal fitness evaluation, a program designed for your specific ability and goals by one of our expert coaches, individualized coaching sessions, and constant coaching support.


Competitive CrossFit

If you have that competitive nature, or you’re looking to take your CrossFit to the next level, we offer a full Competitive CrossFit Program. We release competitor programming each day; after which, competitors complete their WODs in small groups throughout the day. In addition we have competitor meetings to assess progress and send out regular communications
to help educate and advance training. We suggest that you’ve been CrossFitting for at least 12-18 months before you consider joining the competitor program.

Visit the Competition section of our blog or email for more information.

Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic weightlifting is a pure expression of full body functional movement. The Olympic lifts build exceptional strength, power, speed, mobility, and coordination. If you’re interested in competing at the sport of weightlifting, or simply need to improve your weightlifting to help achieve your training goals, we offer weightlifting specific classes to help you dial in your snatch and clean & jerk.